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Mission & Vision

At Kids LAHF, our mission is to proudly serve a diverse population of youth and their families in the Greater Boston Area, by providing inclusive and unique enrichment opportunities where youth can Learn And Have Fun, as they play and explore their world.


Kids LAHF Enrichment Programs offer youth new experiences by providing unique workshops designed to foster positive social engagement, practice self-reflection, enhance literacy and numeracy skills and increase environmental, multicultural, and community awareness.

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Kids LAHF is...


... founded by Darryl Bullock. Darryl is a husband, father of two boys, and an Out-of-School Time educator, with over twenty years of experience creating and implementing enrichment activities, directing seasonal camps, and coordinating YMCA and community-based afterschool programs.


Whether engaged in creative play, deep into the pages of a captivating book, designing and creating, exploring nature or playing "established" games, It is important for youth (and adults) to play and have fun while they learn!

How did you LAHF today?"

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All Kids LAHF instructors and volunteers are expected to... educators, mentors,  positive role models, and professionals.  Instructors are required to have completed background checks, 51-A Mandated Reporter Training, and  Youth Development Training, as well as,  hold CPR/First AId/AED certifications. before facilitating workshops alone.

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